street in Rincon de la Victoria, Spain

from icy streets to shiny tiles

I couldn´t take the December darkness back home so we booked a flight to Spain. Just the flight, and then we rented a car and decided to go wherever we pleased and hopefully find some nice places to stay. Our first rainy night was in Rincón de la Victoria not far from Málaga.

The first morning was ever so sunny and these, in my view, lovely tiles was what I needed to see when being just 24 hours away from  icy, slippery pavements: glazed tiles just wouldn´t work where temperature drops below zero so I am in the right place now.

Although, our streets up north gets just as slippery as if they were indeed glazed or more accurate, made of glass. And I hate it. Winter is just not my cup of tea, it´s my cup of vinegar.

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